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Hands of Help is always looking for enthusiastic volunteers who are committed to making a difference to the lives of people living in poverty around the world.


Each year, Hands of Help sends approximately 25 volunteers from all around Australia to work with Softpower Education rebuilding a school in Uganda

The project is run over December and January in two 3-week blocks, with a break for Christmas and New Year in between.

The minimum requirement is to complete one 3 week block, although to see the full extent of your hard work and to build stronger connections with the local community, we strongly recommend that you complete both blocks - in the past, volunteers who have left early are often disappointed they are doing so and can be found busy reschelduling their flights to stay.

Each volunteer must fundriase a minimum of $3,000 as well as participate in group fundraising events (such as the Sydney African Film Festival) The fundraised money goes towards project costs in Africa, the employement of all the Ugandans working on site, all materials needed to construct the school and the contiuned running of the Ugandan Community Health Project.

In keeping with Hands of Helps dedication to maximising the amounf of money which is spent on the ground in Africa, all volunteers muct pay for their own travel expenses (including airfares), visas and medications/vaccinations.

So...what is it really like?

You will be rebuilding a very poor and run down primary school with local builders and a Softpower Education foreman. Potential tasks include digging, shovelling, mixing concrete, bricklaying, renderng and painting (all the old non-mechanical and great workout way!). In the afternoons you will most lilkely be sought after by the hundreds of children to play football and other games. You will live in the village and experience Africa in its essence, making lots of friends with the locals, trying local foods and even joining in with some local singing and dancing.

You will live on site at the school you will be refurbishing. Conditions are basic with no running water, no electricity, and pit latrines as toilets. A local cook is employeed to provide 3 meals a day for you and a local cleaner does housekeeping and clothes washing. The village preovices a night watchman for security and water is brought to the school by the village for showering (in a camping shower) and washing. Safe water is provided for drinking, and you will be rostered to do a few chores each day to contribute to the group living - such as assisting the cook in dinner preparations, helping with the washing up or giving your room quick sweep-out in the morning.

Volunteers work Monday to Friday, 9am to 4pm. On weekends activities will generally be arranged that you will see some of what Uganda has to offer - for projects based in Northern Uganda, since you are living right next to Uganda's most beautiful National Park, this will often include a break staying at Red Chilli Rest Camp and numerous Game Drives to see the incredible African wildlife! Hands of Help will provide a small weekend allowance to assit with your accomoodation and food costs.

And don't forget to see the best Africa has to offer!

As a thankyou for your hard work, Hands of Help works with Imaginative Traveller to create the perfect East African itinerary allowing you to see the best of Africa in your couple of weeks off over the Christmas break. Imaginative kindly do this safari at a heavily discounted rate, yet the trip is completely optional - you are free to spend Christmas break however you like - it is just an opportunity ad somewaht of a tradition - New Year's on Zanzibar Island being a major highlight!) that Hands of Help is happy to orchestrate for you, to take the hassle out of organising your own African trip.

To apply for the Ugandan Project Download an application form












You can join Hands of Help and assist us to reach our goals by:

  1. fundriaising for the charity
  2. Donating your skills - join the committee in secretarial, publcit, or treasury positions (AGM help April each year)
  3. Assiting the charity at events such as the Sydney African Film Festival or other major fundriasers
  4. Coming on board as a project volunteer in Uganda.

For more information and to get involved, contact Hands of Help President Sarah Lally

PROJECT 2008/2009
This year will be our fourth year having Hands of Help volunteers on the ground in Uganda. Check out the Project and application form by downloading our information brochure.

Past Project Gallery
Browse through images of our past projects in Kenya, Uganda and Indigenous Australia by looking at the Project Gallery



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